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Re: The E.A.S. Blues

> Most of the sending/receiving units have two modes.  One receives incoming
> messages and passes them along immediately.  The other mode allows an
> operator to delay sending the message so you don't have to destroy whatever
> programming is on.  Granted, there is a time limit on how long you can delay
> passing on the message and frankly, the severity of that message has a
> bearing on how quickly it gets passed along but there really is no reason for
> a show to be rudely interrupted by an E.A.S. message.

The RMT must be rebroadcast within 15 minutes of receipt.  You can't
program the unit to delay it longer than that.

For just about any other format it's not an issue, but for classical it
is a problem.

If it's true that the Red Sox game on WEEI Tuesday night was not
interrupted, that's very interesting.  The test was sent by WBMX at 10:20
pm, so WEEI should have aired it by 10:35.

Rob Landry


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