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Re: "Annoying Music"

At 11:08 PM 8/7/97 -0400, Dan Billings wrote:
>An AP story in yesterday's Portland Press Herald reminded me of last week's
>thread about bad pop songs.  WBEZ-FM, a public radio station in Chicago, has
>a weekly show called "Annoying Music" hosted by Jim Nayder.  The show has
>been running for seventeen months and according to the article is possible.
>According to Nayder, he picks music that is annoying, but not intenionally
>funny or bad.
>Maybe he's got an idea for a new format on AM.  Hell, there are cable
>networks of only bad old sitcoms.

I wonder if he maintains a certain level of Political Correctness.  The
examples listed are songs that, just by the sound of them, are no-brainers.

I wonder how much stuff he plays by pop-alternative artists such as Tori
Amos or Fiona Apple who are incredibly grating, but currently trendy.

Many years ago when I was doing college radio, I used to play a "token yucky
record of the week".  It was a 60s show, so it was all (or mostly) 60s
music, and for a while became a bit of a mission to continually outdo
myself.  Now I have a collection of Really Bad Records (tm).  :-(