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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

In a message dated 97-08-04 18:39:31 EDT, ssmyth@tiac.net (Sean P. Smyth)

>Really? In any contract you sign for air time (or most anyhow) the station
>usually reserves the right to yank the programming at any time. (Bob
>Bittner, weigh in here.) A radio station is a private company and
>essentially should be allowed to do whatever it wishes as a part of free
>enterprise. Newspapers can easily reject ads and special advertising
>sections, why not radtio stations refuse to run a program. It is not like
>WEVD is the only station in New York City, for example: There are at least
>20 more.


You're forgetting that this is a federally-licensed business, and
DISCRIMINATION is illegal (as it SHOULD be).   Newspapers are not subjuect to
FCC laws.   There ARE ways some stations choose to discourage certain
programs, I'm sure.

Discrimination on the (for employment)  basis of sex, religion, national
origin, race is illegal, and a case could be made for time-brokering, too..
 So, when stations have a religious theme, technically they would be
discriminating if they refused other religions to be on the air.   No one YET
has made a case of this though that I know of. 

- ---jibguy,