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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

On 4 August at 12:25 p.m., you wrote:

> If time were available and the
>station simply refused to accept the programs, I believe that the station
>would be in for a court battle and, very likely, would lose its license.

Really? In any contract you sign for air time (or most anyhow) the station
usually reserves the right to yank the programming at any time. (Bob
Bittner, weigh in here.) A radio station is a private company and
essentially should be allowed to do whatever it wishes as a part of free
enterprise. Newspapers can easily reject ads and special advertising
sections, why not radtio stations refuse to run a program. It is not like
WEVD is the only station in New York City, for example: There are at least
20 more.

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