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Re: First to replace newsfilm with tape

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Gary F wrote:

> Now here is my question -
> Which Boston station was the first to replace newsfilm with newstape and who was it?
> I want to say that it was the new Channel 5 (WCVB-TV) and that it happened right at the beginning, but I'm not going to swear on the timing.
> Anyone else have the definitive answer?

  WCVB started with newsfilm in 1972........

  Here is where things get murkey. WCVB was the first (from day 1) to have
ENG 3/4 field equipment, but they were using it for non news related
shows. The first ENG microwave trucks showed up in early 1976 (I believe
WBZ was the first) and this started a war with IBEW. Westinghouse wanted
to use non union people to do camera for Evening Mag and after a bitter
lockout a compromise was reached. IBEW would have control of any camera
that COULD go live....(ENG trucks and such)

   Best guess is that everybody was using tape by the end of 1979.