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Re: First in color in Boston ?

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> But individual shows had been available in colour since 1953 (!)-- some
> Superman shows were actually filmed in colour... in 1962, the Boston Globe
> TV listings, inaccurate though they may have been, had a box listing the few
> shows that were in colour-- I assume local TV had the ability to show some
> colour before 1965...

  Of course Channel 5 did, (they ran the ZIV series Science Fiction
Theater) but 4 and 7 were in no great hurry. But (and I assume cost was
the major factor), both 4 and 7 dragged their feet when it came to buying
color film chains, never mind live studio cameras. One thing to keep in
mind, it wasn't until RCA had some equipment competion that the prices
started to drop. Phillips (Norelco) became a major player overnight after
CBS decided to go full color and the 3 tube system (instead of RCA's 4)
quickly became the way to go. It took RCA nearly 5 years to develop a
camera that matched the Phillips camera and by then the damage was done
and by the early 80's RCA disbanded their broadcast equipment division.