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Re: First in color in Boston ?

WBZ had a local film chain in late 65, and I "recall" that the news went
color in 1966 (with gawdaful RCA TK 42's).  I believe that Boomtown stayed
B&W mainly because of lighting. BTW does anybody remember what year WBZ
ripped out their studio seating?

WHDH upgraded their studio cameras in 1967 and also equipped the remote
truck for color that same year.

WNAC went local color about the same time and like many stations back then
made the mistake of buying GE color cameras (as GE promised quick
delivery). WGBH went Marconi, WKBG went the RCA route and WSBK also went
with GE. (The horrific quality of the GE cameras live on to this day in
old Red Sox and Bruins tapes).