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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

On Sun,  3 Aug 1997 16:02:14, -0500 LJNF40D@prodigy.com (BUMP MARTIN)
>> Last week on LTAR, Donna was talking about the fact that religious
>broadcasters  seem to be only Christian, and that there don't seem to be
>Jewish , Muslim,
>> and Buddhist broadcasters.  

That is interesting.  I don't really know how it is up there in NE, but I
read that someone
down here in NO is doing a Baha'i show.  This may have been some time
ago, so it may not be there any more.

We do have "6 On Your Side", a consumer hotline run by a local TV station
and staffed by the National Council of Jewish Women.

Hmmm. You've all got my curiosity piqued now.

Hollie, New Orleans.