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Re: Hotlining jocks (was Re: bathroom problems)

> > > What could be so earth-shatteringly important that the consultant or
> PD
> > > would feel the need to hotline the jock in the middle of their show?
>  The
> > > only excuse I can think of would be doing something to put the
> station's
> > > license in jeopardy.  Is this practice still around today?
> >
> > Sure.  Our PD does it all the time, whenever the fancy strikes him.
> And the usually have it set on 'speed-dial' on their telephones!
> And with the advent of cell-phones...it's even worse!

When we had a hotline it was intended only for in-studio use....a way
for the GM or PD to contact the on-air talent without having to deal
with the front office. It was also intended as a direct line for a local
news bulletin such as an accident, breaking story or the like.
However, there were several times at night when I tried to call in with
a story, only to encounter a constant busy signal because the damn board
op was calling his/her boyfrend/girlfriend....and at night they would
not answer the business line.
The solution was simple....get rid of the board op in favour of someone
who would pay attention to business and not their hormones...and install
a new phone system where calls are automatically switched to an open
line, with specific instructions on how to put a local bulletin on the

Dan Cole