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RE: A Challenge

>As Billy Joel sang "You May Be Right".  Outside of debt service, I wonder
>"what does it really cost to run a typical AM"?  Does anybody have
>conservative numbers?

   Lot's of variables.....depends whether you're interested in buying or
LMA, power & frequency, signal limitations, etc....

    1510 is listed right now for about 7 mil, with avg operating costs
around 20k, PLUS personnel costs. If you could arrange lower debt service
ala LMA, you could operate (light up only) the average Am in this market at
around 35k monthly, with significantly higher costs to get into an FM, ala
purchase at 35mil+.

    The right frequency, the right signal pattern, I could sell it!

                        In His Service,

                                Wayne Carter

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National Sales Manager
Great Commission Broadcasting


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