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WSME/1220, Sanford, ME

     Based upon the market conditions in the York County (ME), Sanford
area it it not surprising that WSME has failed technically and failing in      
the program area, as well.  I used to enjoy listening to WSME (both AM
and FM) back in 1976 when they were simulcast operation while vacationing
in the Ossipee area during that summer.  Sure, it was about 80% automated
with Bill Drake's "Contempo 300" during the week and switch to Drake's
"Total Gold" oldies format on the weekends (eventhough I was 16 at the
time, I loved the weekends on 'SME).  
     It is a shame that a once very vibrant station has wound up a very
shadow of its' earlier existance.  In spite of the 80% automated program
content, the local programming was quite good.  They had a Swap Shop show
every morning and good Sunday gospel music show called "The Electric Church"
that was NOT brokered time.  What has happened to 'SME is, unfortunately,
common to small shadow markets nationwide.  The FM gets the effort, the AM
gets the shaft.  What a shame.

- -Pete-

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