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Re: What do teens listen to?

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, 'A. Joseph Ross' wrote:

> On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Keith Barry wrote:
> > But, most teens
> > nowadays listen to tapes and compact discs nowadays instead of listening to
> > the radio. 
> If they don't listen to the radio, how do they know what CDs to buy?

Well, they listen to wat their friends listen to. Along the line, there 
has to be someone who listens to the radio. But, many teens see the new 
bands on Letterman or Saturday Night Live. Or, they see what's being 
promoted by the music stores. Whatever is in that #1 spot, teens buy. 
Nowadays, kids don't latch on to one kind of music. They "like" what is 
popular, and after it fades out, the disc or tape is thrown away or 
resold or given away. That is why there aren't any fans of "New Kids on 
the Block" (well, actually, they have no fans because they were awful.) 
the kids that might have liked them 5 years ago now like something else. 
					- Keith Barry