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Yanni Music Video (was Re: What do teens listen to?

> supposed to be support. Maybe Yanni will have to come out and put together
> something hip; maybe he'll grab some innercity fans.

That brings to mind the story that was told on the July 13th LTAR - about 
Donny and Marie Osmond releasing what sounded like a very popular song 
under different names. "On the Shelf" I think it was called. Maybe if 
John Tesh worked on some new age version of "Two Turntables and a 
Microphone". Nowadays, most kids probably don't even know what a TT is. 
But, if Yanni did make a "hot"video with some guy screaming along with 
him, the kids would love him. But, then we'd all have to contend with 
"Yannipalooza". I once performed an experiment, where I placed a Julie 
Andrews record in the #1 spot and a Carpenters record in the #2 spot at a 
Tower records. Sure enough, within 15 minutes they were sold. Luckily, I 
don't have MTV!

				- Keith