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Re: Donn Parker / WMEX circa 1960

On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Glenn Spatola wrote:

> Your recollections ALMOST match mine for 1962.  At that time Mel Miller was
> PD and doing 10 to noon, the Jones boy (Bill Jones) did noon to 3PM.  Fenway
> was still doing morning drive.  But I'm just about positive that Donn Parker
> was at WMEX circa 1960--61 doing the 6 to 8PM shift just before Arnie's show.

Well, I know he wasn't doing it in 1962, at least not under that name.  I
suppose he might have been Dan Donovan or Melvin X. Melvin.

> During that time, 'MEX used deejay names like Dan Donovan and Melvin X. Melvin
> sort of generically.  There were (at least) 2 or 3 Dan Donovans and 2 or 3
> Melvin X. Melvins.

I think there were probably more Dan Donovans than that.  There were also
several Fenways.  About the same time WCOP flipped formats, in the summer
of 1962, Ed Mitchell left WCOP and became Fenway on WMEX.  There wasn't
even much of an attempt to hide the fact that he was the same guy.  He
(and his sidekick Bruno) were doing all the same schtick as Fenway that he
had done as Ed Mitchell, with the sole exception of the kids shouting
"Eddie Eddie Eddie MITCHELL!" 

> I recall that one of the later Melvin X. Melvins was Joe Jeffries (aka J.J.
> Jeffrey), who was at at WRKO (AM 680) in the late 60's.

I didn't know that.  The first I knew about Melvin X. Melvin (aka Melvin
X. Ugly)'s identity was on the WROR Reunion in 1985, when whatever the
guy's real name was appeared as both Mel Miller and Melvin X. Melvin,
using both names interchangeably.

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