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Re: Donn Parker / WMEX circa 1960

Wow, I haven't heard the Jones Boy mentioned ever!  I do remember hearing
him was I was just a young boy.  Does anyone have a tape of him from WMEX.
Remember years later...Dr. Hollaway...Can you tell me something about myself?

I have an aircheck of Parker from WMEX dated 1961.

At 08:43 PM 7/23/97 -0700, Glenn Spatola wrote:
>>When I listened in 1962 (after WCOP flipped formats), Mel Miller was on
>>from 10 to noon, and Dan Donovan from 12 to 3 or so.  Melvin X. Melvin
>>(Who was also Mel Miller) was on from something like 3 to 6, and "The
>>Jones Boy" was on from 6 to 8.  Or maybe 5 to 8.  I thought Donn Parker
>>came along much later. 
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>Your recollections ALMOST match mine for 1962.  At that time Mel Miller was
>PD and doing 10 to noon, the Jones boy (Bill Jones) did noon to 3PM.  Fenway
>was still doing morning drive.  But I'm just about positive that Donn Parker
>was at WMEX circa 1960--61 doing the 6 to 8PM shift just before Arnie's show.
>During that time, 'MEX used deejay names like Dan Donovan and Melvin X.
>sort of generically.  There were (at least) 2 or 3 Dan Donovans and 2 or 3
>Melvin X. Melvins.
>I recall that one of the later Melvin X. Melvins was Joe Jeffries (aka J.J.
>Jeffrey), who was at at WRKO (AM 680) in the late 60's.
>Take care--
>Glenn Spatola
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