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WSME Sanford

I was in Sanford, Maine today and I tuned in to 1220 WSME Sanford around
noon.  The station was running The Jim Hightower Show from the United
Broadcasting Network.  Apparently, the station is all satelitte talk.

The interesting thing was that the audio quality of the station made it
nearly unlistenable.  The station was very muddy and also sound over
modulated.  It was the worst sounding broadcast station that I have ever
heard.  I was also only barely able to pick up the station in Lebanon, which
is the town next to Sanford.

Does anyone know if the audio problems is a regular thing or a new problem?
 I'm not sure why they even had the station on the air it sounded so bad.
 Are there are rules about this kind of thing?

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine