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Re: Oldies 1-0-3 POINT 3

On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         WDRC-FM has what I call its ratings-period station break that it's
> been using during parts of the year for the past several years. In some
> hours, it uses a very well-produced top-hour ID which is really an extended
> version of its usual legal (a slogan with the legal as a jingle). It's very
> blunt. The announcer says "Our call letters are WDRC-FM. Our dial position
> is 102.9.  Big D-103." [Jingle.] In its case, part of its concern is not to
> be confused with WDRC (AM), which in its top-40 heyday used the handle of
> Big D. Its jingles all say 103, but the jocks and recorded promos sometimes
> give the exact dial position. It's unusual, though, to hear a station using
> the terms "call letters" and "dial position" on the air at all.
I think I heard something similar last month on B-101 in Providence, which
otherwise hardly ever mentions its call letters (WWBB). 

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