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Re: Oldies 1-0-3 POINT 3

Martin Waters says:
>        Seems to me that WODS is just catching up to the need to give its
>dial position digitally because nearly all car radios and now many (most?)
>others that are in service are digital. If the station just calls itself
>103, it could be on any one of
>five channels on the radio and listeners are confused. They may tune to
>another station in the 103s instead when looking for you. You want them to
>go right to you.

Having spent way too much time in the car the last month, I've noticed the 
same happening on WDRC-FM in Hartford.  They still call themselves "Big D 
103" but sometimes will add '102.9 FM' before or after that.  They tell 
folks where they are, yet keep the identitity of Big D that they've had for 
15 years.

On the other hand, I have never heard any station assigned to 107.9 call 
themselves anything but 'nickname 108' because they have a unique identity 
as the only station 'on' 108.  Others, as Martin indicate, can be on any of 
5 frequencies near a center frequency.

Ed Hennessy