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Re: Oldies 1-0-3 POINT 3

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, BUMP MARTIN wrote:

> Are there any car radios that have an analog dial anymore?  (Or home
> radios for that matter...?)

Last year, I got rid of the 1977 Oldsmobile that really =was= My Father's
Oldsmobile.  It had an analog dial.  I still see some cars of its vintage
on the road.

Around home, my stereo has a digital dial, as has my Sony 2010 shortwave
radio.  I also have about six radios with analog dials.  One of them dates
from the 1930s.  I bought it about fifteen years ago in an antique store
and restored it.  Another, my father bought in 1947.  The others are a
little newer.  This doesn't count three old table radios that are sitting
in a box downstairs in my storage bin.

But my mother, who is not a radio buff, has a couple of transistor radios
that are over 20 years old and still work.  And I think my sister also has
some radios with analog dials.

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