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Re: W-O-D-S, Oldies 103 point 3

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Talk about running scared!  Now let's all add our middle names when
> introducing one another - I'd hate to be confused with another William
> O'Neill!  (Especially that radio guy in Maine with the same name.)  How
> about Bill Smith and Bill Smith?! Let's fix that, too.  One will be Bill
> Newsguy Smith and the other will revert to his The Original Bill Smith. 
> How about FM channel numbers alongside the full frequency/dial spot?  Just
> in case. (Not to be confused with the default-setting Justin Case, old RKO
> weekend fill-in jock with shouts to prove it.)   

Then there's Bob Smith who was Buffalo Bob, Bob Smith who was Wolfman
Jack, etc.  I think there's a national organization that holds regular
conventions of people named Jim Smith. 

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