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Re: W-O-D-S, Oldies 103 point 3

I wonder how it would be
> like, hearing "Kiss 107 point 9 FM" or "Kiss, 1-0-7-nine". Hmmmmmmmm.
> :-) !
Talk about running scared!  Now let's all add our middle names when
introducing one another - I'd hate to be confused with another William
O'Neill!  (Especially that radio guy in Maine with the same name.)  How
about Bill Smith and Bill Smith?! Let's fix that, too.  One will be Bill
Newsguy Smith and the other will revert to his The Original Bill Smith. 
How about FM channel numbers alongside the full frequency/dial spot?  Just
in case. (Not to be confused with the default-setting Justin Case, old RKO
weekend fill-in jock with shouts to prove it.)   

Once people *decide* upon *their* station(s), they preset/memory them. 
Just like bookmarking a URL - why remember it when you can click it?  And
the last time I checked, stations were identifying themselves every 45.7
seconds anyway.  

Must get into my Bill O'Neill Chevrolet and drive to the Shop n' Save
Supermarket and shop for brand name foods.  On the way, I will listen to
Oldies 109, WB...X..no, 101, WS... no wait....