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At 04:05 AM 7/23/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Obviously, at your location, WADN has a lousy signal.  It doesn't reach
>Brookline well, either.  But in the area where I was driving Sunday, the
>signal was strong.  So the question is, where is the signal strong, and is
>there any way to make the station work based on that coverage area? 
Well, although the management is assiduously promoting the station (on-air
only, as far as I can tell) as Bloomberg for _Boston_ (perhpas to make
Bloomberg happy) all of the non-network commercials (such as they are) seem
to be for businesses in the Concord area. From that, I infer that Crecelius
et al are not _totally_ detached from reality. That's a start anyhow. I
suppose they could mount a sales effort in Waltham, which is the most
populous community in the area in which WADN has a somewhat competitive
signal. I've never noticed any commercials for Waltham businesses except on
"Easy Ed" Shannon's weekend-morning adult-standards shows. And Ed only has
one Waltham sponsor, Wal-Lex Hardware. Ed sells the time on his shows
himself (although it's not a brokered-time arrangement), but as far as I
know, he does not sell other time on the the station.

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