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Re: Tunnel Radio

At 03:19 PM 7/21/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Tunnel Radio transmits on the 455-kHz IF frequency used by most older
>AM receivers.  Newer receivers use 450 kHz instead, particularly if
>they are designed for worldwide distribution.  In any case, it's
>certainly plausible that your LW receiver could pick them up directly,
>without the leakage.
That's what I thought originally. but then I heard that it's not true. I
heard that there were problems. I don't know whether they were technical
problems or legal ones. It's illegal to transmit on 455 kHz because doing so
interferes with all (older) radios. But if the signal is confined to the
tunnel, transmissions on 455 kHz may be legal. I've heard that Tunnel Radio
transmits on all of the local AM frequencies. That explains why if you're
tuned to a station that's not close in (say WRPT, WCAP, WJLT, or WADN) and
you go into the South Station Tunnel, the reception of Tunnel Radio is
either very poor or nonexistent.

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