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Re: Tunnel Radio

<<On Mon, 21 Jul 1997 10:53:23 -0400, Keith Barry <barry@meol.mass.edu> said:

> Last time I was in Boston, I didn't hear tunnel radio. That was about a
> month ago. But, when I brought my LONGWAVE radio, I could hear it great. Any
> explanations? All I can remember is an ad for "Two Guys Smoke Shop".

Tunnel Radio transmits on the 455-kHz IF frequency used by most older
AM receivers.  Newer receivers use 450 kHz instead, particularly if
they are designed for worldwide distribution.  In any case, it's
certainly plausible that your LW receiver could pick them up directly,
without the leakage.

Of course, FM receivers are immune to Tunnel Radio, hence its
declining value in a market where FM listenership has risen

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