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Oldies 1-0-3 POINT 3

I'm surprised that no one has brought up the fact that since around July 1st Oldies 103 has been calling themselves "Oldies 103 POINT THREE".

Why have they suddenly added the "point three" to the logo.  All of the jocks are using it, the promos are using it and even the Charlie Van Dyke liners and sweepers are using it. (Of course the jingles haven't been recut, Otis Connors is no longer doing those jingles anyway).

If I may offer two theories: (1) perhaps in areas on the Mass/Conn boarder where WDRC-FM can be heard (102.9, but calling themselves Big D-103), Oldies 103 may feel that they are being confused with the similar format from the Big D and thus losing ratings meant for themselves, OR, (2) maybe the same "brainiac" who dumped WBZ-TV and TV-4 from the TV logos (now back in place thank goodness) is thinking about changing the FM calls from WODS to WBZ-FM and Id'ing as:  103AM, 103.3FM, WBZ/WBZ-FM, Boston.

Your comments.......

- -gary