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Tunnel Radio

If you've been stuck in the tunnel in Boston this week, you have undoubtedly
heard Arnie Ginsburg's promos for Donn Parker's WBPS Sunday night show--
hey, Arnie sounds excellent; maybe he'll do a show next! Btw, you are
guaranteed to hear the promos-- they run every 60 seconds or so.  If you are
stuck in traffic, you hear the damn promo about ten times before you are out
of the tunnel!!!  OUCH!!!  I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me
why the guy who owns Tunnel radio is sponsoring Donn... not like Donn is a
bad guy (he happens to be a nice person), but it can't be lucrative for
anyone to have a show on WBPS, can it?  

I thought that chiropractor Dr. Gary Spordone owned Tunnel radio... but then
he had some legal problems... does anyone know when he sold it?