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WMEX....and...Larry Justice...

> When did Larry Justice arrive? In my book, he was the most talented of
> "WMEX good guys." I thought he was clever and funny and did very tight
> production. Same reason I thought so highly of Bruce Bradley during
his days at
> WROW Albany in the 50s. Justice did several dayparts at WMEX. I think
that he
> was doing AM drive immediately before he left the station, but I think
I recall
> him in PM drive and at middays over the years.
> After he left WMEX, Justice went into station ownership. I know this
has been
> asked and answered, but I forget the answer: One of his stations,
maybe the
> first one he bought, was an FM on Cape Cod. Which one? 

Before ownership and Cape Cod....there was WBZ and WROR(98.5) and lots
of Boston and New York Voicework.....

Then (thru some connection of $$$) he got into ownership.  WCIB-FM 102
was one of his first stations...

Someone mentioned WERZ as being one of them.  I don't think it was.  I
heard he looked at it....and started requesting inside material 
(playlists, etc...) that ticked the current ownership off...I guess they
were afraid of giving away any confidential info before they had a deal
made...in case he actually was going to buy the competition....

So I don't believe he ever ended up picking up 'ERZ....