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Re: Feedback on WROR

> > While the jock approach on WROR is somewhat similar to the old 'HDH.
> > notice there is NO news on WROR after morning-drive....when WHDH was
> > 'News and Information Leader'.  
> > Wror doesn't.  Current music on weekdays...and the million
> > dollar weekend (oldies, with a saturday night oldies show.  It even
> > could mix talk shows and music shows on the same station...can't do
> > anymore...!
> I can envision that as the *difference* a signal could sell -
something that
> was so prevalent then, unheard now, could actually be a choice.  

The reason it is unheard of, is because the stations that did offer it

> The only way
> to make Full Service A/C work wrap big, established jocks playing
> safe singles, with real news names (like Nick Mills, etc.)  Would be a
> shot at FM talk at night, as well, perhaps?

It would be very hard to convince 35+ers or 45+ers that there is good
talk available on FM.  Talk = AM is something that has been drilled into
their heads over and over for the past 50 years....

> > Today audiences categorize stations by one niche.  
> Owners would like us all to think just that, that radio packages
signals like
> the cable industry.  

Sit in a focus group sometimes and see how people DO categorize stations

The old music station, the new music, the fast music station, the slow
music station,  station, the talk station, the news station, the sports

> Bottom line is Full Service A/C is expen$$$ive.  

And has been taken apart by stations that super-serve their constituancy

>  (Not that
> all news is cheap, either.)  That's why I think no one is attempting
it at this
> point, anyway.  Ever see the final A/C numbers out of BZ, HDH?  They
were not
> all that bad and they were in the "pre-niche" days of radio.

Management *will* indeed spend money on a format when it has been proven
to be a sucess somewhere....

The last numbers for WBZ and WHDH full-service with music were not all
that good.   They were top heavy demographically....and their midday
numbers stunk.  

That's why WBZ went thru so many midday people....And WHDH as well.  

You couldn't convince people that the station with the big morning show
with lots of news and chatter is the same station to have on all-day at

The exception seems to be a CHR station which can have a big morning
show and maintain a music identity as well.  

WROR seems to be doing the best at this...but then again their midday
and aft-drive #'s are not the greatest....