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Re: Hello and Help!

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Scully decks at JUL tougher than Old Ironsides/El Karmizan which
> were placed just far apart to make a tape loop last 10 seconds for
> delay, etc.

Two spaced Scully reel-to-reels were used for broadcast delay on
WMER in Portland, Maine when I was producing talk shows in the
mid-80s. The budget wouldn't permit me to use new reels of tape so I
ended up making do with spliced tape that the jocks used for
production on WJBQ.  I kept praying that the splices would hold so I
wouldn't have dead air!

By the way, the output of the Scullys was fed through an ancient
behemoth of a McCurdy production board that we got for a song from
WRKO.  Oh, and the owner was so cheap he wouldn't buy a 15kHz phone
line for the transmitter link, so we had to put up with 5kHz.  We got
better audio quality from our dialup link to the Civic Center!  This
sort of thing went on for years.  It seems so strange now, but then
again, so does producing local talk radio on more than one station
in the Portland market.

Take care,

Chris Beckwith

too young to forget, too old to bother

"I'm getting out of the business!"
- --Jerry Williams, WRKO