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WCRB/WFCC (was: Cape Cod Ratings)

Rob Landry wrote:

> The guy who controls every aspect of WFCC's sound, Mario Mazza, lives on
> the Cape.  He's WFCC's general manager, and he also heads the sales and
> programming departments. He has offices in Brewster and Waltham but spends
> only two days a week in Waltham.

If ratings are the measure, the arrangement is working quite well.

> WFCC's music comes from a hard disk array
> in Waltham, true enough, but most of the spots are produced in studios on
> the Cape, as are local features like the "Birdwatcher's Report".

 I forget... what exactly is the WCRB/WFCC setup?  Is it a simulcast via
a T-1 line, or some other config?