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Re: History Timelines etc

>I did, too.  Probably right here in this forum.  It would have helped
>some, but not much.  WPLM doesn't have a really good signal into Boston

But wouldn't WPLM have the ability to apply for a translator of some sort
in Boston since I would presume Boston would be within the 1 mV/m area
which one needs to place a commercial FM translator? Who knows. I am
surprised the Tanger folks did not make a push for either WBOS or WOAZ when
they opened up (or even 1150) since after these stations being sold it
looks as if everyone is locked down for quite a bit.

By the way, other than WRBB, what would prevent 104.9 from upgrading its
signal into the city? It is 0.8 kHz (if that is the proper terminology)
from both WBCN and WROR. Why not move W-BACH onto the new ARS/WEGQ tower in
Peabody? WBOQ could conceivably move the station not far southwest of the
city, with the attenna pointed towards Boston, in order to avoid conflict
with WXLO.

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