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Re: WNMH, NorthEast Radio Watch 7/10: On and Off The Air

At 02:02 PM 7/16/97 +0000, you wrote:
>This actually brings up something curious: will the coming silence of
>CBF result in any changes to the use of that channel in other places?
>690 is a Canada/Mexico ``clear'' channel, used primarily by CBF, CBU
>(Vancouver), and XETRA (Tijuana).  940 in Montreal is similar, used by
>CBM (moving to 88.5 with about 4 kW and a transmitter site about ten
>feet away from CBMT, channel 6).  I can't off hand think of what the
>other Canadians on 940 might be, but I know that there is a big
>Mexican on that channel as well.
My guess is that CKVL will move to 690 and maybe the AM 990 in Montreal will
move to 940. Then, if there are any stations in the vicinity that could
benefit from upgrades, musical chairs will follow. The result will be that
the poorest facilities, or the ones that are most expensive to operate, will
go dark. The reason I predice that CKVL will move to 690 is that the CRTC
just nixed CKVL's application to move to FM. I believe that the owners of
CKVL alreay own an FM in greater Montreal. Isn't it one that is
grandfathered with extrmely high power?

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