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Re: Back From DX'ing on PEI

At 09:56 PM 7/16/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I also received (clearly) a Spanish AM'er (forgot to log frequency, but   
>think it's somewhere around 720) running  what seemed to be a syndicated   
>Spanish Music Show - the only word that was repeated (ad nauseum) was   
>"GALAXIE".  Music was intro'd and backsold by a "Big Voice Guy".  Breaks   
>were typical small-town radio i.e. lots of local spots of varying   
>quality/distortion and the board op/announcer was "green" and unsure.   
> Couldn't make out call letters.  Anybody know anything about "GALAXIE"?
You sure it was _7_20? CHTN in Charlottown is on 720 (10 kW-D, 7.5 kW-N
DA-N). Seems quite unlikely that there's sufficient Spanish-speaking
population on PEI to support a local SS station. Could you possibly have
been tuned to _6_20? WXLX in Newark NJ might have gotten up that far. It's
only 5 kW, but it's strongly directional to the east.

I suppose it could have been a Cuban. But with commercials?

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