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Re: History Timelines etc

At 04:30 AM 7/16/97 +0000, you wrote:

>I lived in Albany when Howdy Doody moved from five days a week to Saturday
>mornings, in 1956, and WRGB didn't carry it when it moved.  This annoyed
>me, and I didn't get to see Howdy Doody again until we moved back to the
>Boston area the following year.  I think this may have had something to do
>with the fact that Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes weren't distributed
>at that time in the Capital District.  As I recall, WRGB used to blank the
>commercials on Howdy Doody every Wednesday, when Wonder Bread and Hostess
>Cupcakes were the sponsor, and substitute local commercials for Planter's
>Peanuts (Complete with Mr. Peanut). 
A friend of mine worked on radio in Torrington CT in the early 50s (at what
has since become WSNG). He says that one of the biggest advertisers on the
station (then a 250W Class IV, that wasn't heard much beyond Torrington and
neigboring Winsted) was Genesee Beer from Rochester NY. This went on for
several years--until the beer company found out that it had no distribution
in northwestern CT. Just goes to show that the public sector doesn't hold a
monopoly on wasting money. Imagine the scandal this would have caused if,
instead of a private company, the advertiser had been a public agency. The
Hartford Courant and the TV stations would probably have had a field day. As
it was, only a few people ever found out.

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