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Re: History Timelines etc

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> Ah yes, Bozo and Nozo and Miss Jean.  Anyone remember Miss Frances and Ding
> Dong School?  And speaking of local shows, how about Major Mudd?  Whatever
> happened to him???

  Good lord, Miss Francis was my pre-school teacher :)

  I believe Ding Dong School was produced at WMAQ Chicago and carried live
by NBC.

  Major Mudd was played by Ed McLaughlin (sic) who sadly passed away
around 1980. Many of his shows from 1971-73 were saved on 3/4 inch and
unless Sunbeam threw them out, may well be rattling around in the basement
at Bullfinch Place.

One other footnote......back in 1959, WHDH-TV produced a show for NBC
which aired just before Howdy Doody on Saturdays...The Ruff and Ready Show
featuring Captain Bob. (seems Channel 4 had their own local show with some
guy on a horse)...which begs a question. Who carried Howdy Doody at the
end in Boston, WBZ or WHDH?