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Re: 1150kHz, Boston

At 09:57 AM 7/11/97 -0400, Bill Piacentini wrote:
>Around 5:30PM on Thurs. 7/10/97 while listening to 1150AM I heard a
>simulcast of WHDH with occassional 10-20 seconds of WAAF interupting every
>few minutes. They must be in some interesting test mode. Why use the 850AM
Anyone other than myself notice that 1150 now seems to be simulcasting 850
full-time? I first heard this Saturday evening while on Martha's Vineyard.
As of 10 this morning (while driving through the Brockton area) 1150 was
still simulcasting WEEI, complete with legal ID slipped in at the top of the

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.