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Re: Donn Parker

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Raises the question of where WBPS's signal is good. If you look at a map,
> you'll see the TX, off route 126 in Ashland, is almost exactly due west of
> Quincy. The signal is beamed due east. However, at night, they use only
> 3400W and they have WLS to contend with. WLS puts a very good signal into
> Boston on the majority of nights. But if you turn the radio the right way,
> WBPS should be clearly audible, albeit with a good piece of WLS underneath,
> and maybe some splatter from WCBS.

Well, I'm listening to Little Walter right now, and it doesn't sound too
bad.  When I first turned on Donn Parker, there was some noise, but I
think that was coming from some device someone was using elsewhere in the
building.  That noise disappeared later, and the signal is quite clean
here in Brookline.

At least on the radio that I'm using right now, an early-60s vintage
Zenith AM-FM table radio, complete with vacuum tubes and a rather nice
wooden cabinet.  It wouldn't come in at all on my stereo.

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