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Donn Parker

And now the news.  While I still don't understand why Fred of Tunnel Radio
let the show get started and then yanked it, evidently Donn is exploring a
couple of options of his own to get it back on the air somewhere.  I'll keep
you informed.  
Donn also told me it was Mac Richmond who decided to change Mel Miller's
name to Melvin X Melvin-- even though Mel Miller's real name is... Mel
Miller. (Ah yes, and at WRKO, they made Frank Kingston Smith use the house
name of Bobby Mitchell, even though I think Frank Kingston Smith is a great
radio name!!!)  Mac evidently disliked the idea of too many d.j.'s using
their real names on the air, since he preferred house names.  (Arnie
Ginsburg seemed to be the one exception to Mac's rule...)

Also, while "Donn Parker" is not his real name, so many people knew him as
that, he told me, and sometime in the mid 60s, he had it legally changed.
Now, he really is Donn Parker!  Also, Donn says that Norm Prescott (remember
him?) is alive and well and living somewhere in Santa Monica.

News while it is news.  The end.