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June 9 1948 Newspapers

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> some nice person wrote--
> > Donna is it possible they used both studios at first?
> Yes-- very temporarily.  This is an old radio debate:  when was the first
> broadcast-- the day they turned on the transmitter and ran a test pattern or
> teh day they did their first show?  Their printed history, which I got from

  OK I went down to the BPL this morning and looked at the June 1948
copies of the Herald, Globe and Post. To say the least the Globe and
Herald did not treat T-day as a major story, and the Post gave it a little
more coverage as they were "partners" in the newscast, providing still
photos of news events.

  All 3 papers did refer to the Bradford Hotel as the location of the
first telecast, and the Globe ran a picture that gives me a pretty good
clue on what happened. They show the first studio show in progress and the
fact that the camera in the picture is on a tripod and not a pedestal
tells me they were using their remote truck at the Bradford to do live
shoots, and I would "guess" that projection was being done in Allston.
One of the stories stated that in a few weeks that WBZ-TV,WBZ Radio, and
WBOS (Shortwave) would move to the new $1 million dollar studio.

WBOS Shortwave???? I missed this somewhere)

Oh the HERALD could not help by having a story on Sunday June 6, 1948
stating that FCC approval was only a short time coming for WHDH-TV Channel
13 (THIRTEEN)....and that a ultra modern television studio has been built
at the Payne Building on St. James Ave. (I can hear Donna giggling)