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Re: FW: Oops 7/4...and WRKO!

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<< Also, I believe it was 1936 when WQXR signed on as W2XR (in the
 expanded-band of its day--one of the three "experimental" high-fidelity
 channels--1530, 1550, and 1570). W2XR might have become WQXR in 1939 >>

Yes, Elliott M. Sanger's book, "Rebel in Radio" chronicles W2XR's sign on in
1935 with 250 watts at 1550 (although most radio dials only went up to 1500)
as a non commercial laboratory radio station, up to the early 1970's.  The
book states they got a commercial license as WQXR in late 1936.  A great