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Re: Official WBZ-TV dates

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> So, bottom line, it seems that perhaps 4 or 5 broadcasts at most went on
> from the Bradford before they finally got everything into Soldier's Field
> Road. WBZ-TV was not on 7 days a week at first; they did not broadcast on
> Mondays or Tuesdays for a while, and they usually only went on the air
> around 5.30 pm and off at 10.30 pm -- they would not be on the air 7 days a
> week till late September of 1948 in fact; the station wouldn't be on the air
> all day till around 1950!

I wonder whether that coincides with when the Howdy Doody Show went to
five days a week.  I can look it up, but the show started out on 27
December 1947 once a week on Saturday afternoon.  Then it was something
like Tuesday and Saturday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, or
something like that.  Parents complained that small children couldn't keep
track of which days it was on.  This, supposedly, was a major reason the
show went to five days a week.

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