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Re: FW: Oops 7/4...and WRKO!

At 04:26 AM 7/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>Does anyone know which station in the United States has the longest
>>surviving format?  WQXR's classical format dates from 1939; are there any
>>older formats?
>Not quite true, if I am correct.  WQXR-AM doesn't exist as such, it became
>WQEW several years ago.  I believe WQXR-FM is still classical, but I doubt
>it goes back to 1939.
Also, I believe it was 1936 when WQXR signed on as W2XR (in the
expanded-band of its day--one of the three "experimental" high-fidelity
channels--1530, 1550, and 1570). W2XR might have become WQXR in 1939, but I
was under the impression that the stations on the high-fidelity channels
retained their experimental status until NARBA on 3/29/41. Anyhow, it is
also my impression that the classical format began when W2XR signed on.

Given that, when WQEW was created in 1992, WQXR essentially moved from AM to
FM after decades of simulcasting, and that, even now, WQEW is owned by the
same company that started WQXR and its predecessor W2XR, I think WQXR's
classical format certainly belongs in the competition for "oldest format in
continuous existence."

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