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re: History Timelines etc, BostonRadio

Dan wrote--
>I thought Big Brother started in Boston--at WNAC radio. His name was Bob
>Emory. I remember hearing his program on WOR, the Mutual affiliate in New
>York, when I was a little kid in the early 40s.

Actually, C. Robert Emery got his start at the same place Eunice Randall
did-- he was first on WGI where he rose to chief announcer and then PD.  In
1924, as AMRAD's finances grew worse, he left to join the new station WEEI,
where he worked for many years.  He did a stint on the network too, and yes,
he did work for Shepard and Yankee for a while as early as the 1930s-- in
Boston, he was a big name, and the various stations fought for his services.
He of course went onto TV in his later years, and he passed away in 1982 or
so, having been "Big Brother" for almmost 50 years (he had been C.E.R. in
the days when announcers had to use initials...)