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Re: no respect for history

<<On Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:00:18 -0400 (EDT), Mark Shneyder <mshbc@bu.edu> said:

> With 35 million subscribers after just two years, the  History Channel  -
> a basic channel that reaches 52 percent of all cable homes - has had one
> of the most impressive launches(jan 1,1995) of any cable channel in years.

Of course, the miniscule fraction of those ``subscribers''---most of
whom were not presented with a choice in the matter---who actually
watch the service is something else altogether.

> Based on an annual survey supplied by the cable industry, cable operators
> are more likely to add the  History Channel  than any other service, including
> the Sci-Fi Channel, Turner Classic Movies and even ESPN2.

This probably says more about how much local media the channel's
backers have putchased in various large markets than anything else.

Of the four services you have named, the only one I watch with any
regularity is ESPN2, and that only during hockey season.  But I am
certainly quite interested in history, and I used to be a small-time
SF fan.  What conclusion can you draw from this?  None whatsoever.

> The same survey also repored that an increased interest in history is fueled
> partially by more people wanting to look back as the end of the century
> approaches.

More likely it's because the WW2 generation are near the ends of their
collective lives and like to watch TV programs about themselves.

> What's more dangerous is that people like to jump to assumptions and
> conclusions based on very little or no info. Being a GM of 2 major market
> stations(WRKO and WEEI) is not as easy as people think -- 

Perhaps the same person shouldn't be managing two stations.

Oh, no, I forgot, everything large media conglomerates do is always
right in your book.  Sorry, next topic.

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