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no respect for history

Well, it's an amazing world, as Dan pointed out.  Did anyone see the Wil
Cordero interview on ESPN last night, where he said with a smile that (a) he
has no problem with anger, (b) he never hit his wife and (c) he doesn't need
counselling because he has no problem...  My virtual hat is off to Dan
Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe who has relentlessly spoken out on both TV
and radio against the attitude of covering up for athletes who commit
crimes.  Contrast this with the attitude of Eddie Andelman on WEEI several
weeks ago who said the Red Sox were right to stand up for Cordero because
you have to stand up for your team-mates or you're being disloyal... I
wonder how the three women that Cordero (allegedly) abused feel about such
loyalty... But I digress. <Turn off rant mode>.  Proceed to rest of

Still no call back from WRKO and I even offered to do their history for
free-- but hey, why think about the people who got you where you are
today... sigh...