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Re: no respect for history

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> Perhaps the same person shouldn't be managing two stations.
> Oh, no, I forgot, everything large media conglomerates do is always
> right in your book.  Sorry, next topic.

Yeh, whatever...Why dont you come with an original media programming
concept for a change?! You're very good at harpooning relatively new
things that are evolving all the time, especially cableTV...and
personal attacks just because I may have a different point of view
from yours...

No, not everything but when you're serving large masses of people you
cant cater to everyone's particular tastes, needs and attitudes all the

I am actually writing a documentary as part of my master's project which
will focus on the future of radio in the 21st century and planning to
pitch the concept to A&E, the ugly media conglomerate...Oh yeh, did I
mention that I am planning to interview Chairman Mel as part of
this asskissing exercise...

- -Mark