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Re: no respect for history

At 04:56 AM 7/10/97 +0000, you wrote:
>So I contacted WRKO to ask what they were planning to do about their 75th
>anniversary.  One of their VPs, and a very nice guy-- John Gehron-- told me
>they had no idea it even was their anniversary.  He told me to call WRKO's
>GM, Brad Murray, which I did.  I explained the situation to his voice mail
>and offered my help.  He never returned the call. (That sound you hear is
>the late great John Shepard 3rd spinning in his grave...)   
If _you_ were trying to attract younger demos and shed the image of a
station listened to only by people over 54, would _you_ remind the listeners
that your station's roots go back 75 years? It doesn't surprise me at all
that WRKO's GM would not be interested. What _does_ surprise me, though not
enormously, is that the population at large has such total lack of interest
in history (not to mention total lack of respect for it). As they say, those
who ignore it are doomed to repeat it. Can you say 1929? Can you say Adolph
Hitler? (BTW, that's the same Hitler that Ollie North insists on calling "Mr

But then, the business cycle and brutal misanthropy have been banished from
the planet for all time. Everybody _knows_ that!

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