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Re: no respect for history

 So I contacted WRKO to ask what they were planning to do about their 75th
> anniversary.  One of their VPs, and a very nice guy-- John Gehron-- told
> they had no idea it even was their anniversary.  He told me to call
> GM, Brad Murray, which I did.  I explained the situation to his voice
> and offered my help.  He never returned the call. (That sound you hear is
> the late great John Shepard 3rd spinning in his grave...)   

This supports the radio notion that the proof is in the listening.  Has
anyone actually *listened* to RKO and actually learned anything lately?  I
was a daily Gene Burns and Jerry listener and besides being entertained and
taught (about the *business* as well as whatever the topic was) it was a
credible dial spot versus SOS around the Boston dial.   Donna's response by
station nameplates is no surprise, for one, the ignorance of the station's
history=part of community history, as well as a general disregard.  Hmm, a
radio manager not returning phone calls....   Now that's original.  Given
Donna's rep. for radio hx, you'd think at least a 'no thanx' call back
would have been in order.