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Re: New, "improved" WEEI signal

At 05:57 AM 7/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>My theory on what's going on at WEEI is tower maintenance. I suspect that
>>WEEI is running DA-1 or ND-1 with a modified pattern while they work on one
>>or more towers. The FCC is pretty lenient about prohibited overlap under
>>such temporary conditions.
>No current work going on at EEI as far as I know. We did a bunch of
>reliability upgrades about 18 months ago, cause after they QSYd to their
>current freq the towers were 100' too short or too tall, depending on
>your outlook, and the voltage at the common point was over 25KV.  They
>had a lot of arcing problems until we replaced lots of hardware at the
>ATUs, and its better now, but they really need to re-do the phasor/feed
>system to high current/low voltage numbers.  At least now the xmtr isn't
>dumping every few days....
Umm, WHDH did not move to Needham until 1947 (though the CP was probably
granted prior to Word War II and conceivably could predate NARBA--March 29,
1941). To my knowledge, though, what is now WEEI never operated from that
site on any frequency other than 850. According to the AM database, the
towers are 207 degrees high and 120 degrees apart. The precise 120-degree
spacing certainly suggests that the array was never designed for another
frequency. Although 207 degrees is quite high, with a better than normal
ground system, which I believe WEEI has, I don't think it is excessive. By
no stretch of the imagination could 207 dgrees be claimed to be 100' too
short, however.

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