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RE:TV DX'ing !

     Nice posting from Keith Barry about his night of UHF-TV DXing.  I
love UHF tropo DXing myself and got some nice QSL's over the years.  
WBOC-TV Channel 16 in Salisbury, Maryland has an excellent signal as
always.  I first got WBOC in 1981 and got the same intermittent two-way
interference.  The reason ? Channel 16 is in the UHF-T band and in various
locations in the 20 largest cities in the country, Channels 14-20 are
shared with two-way systems.  Here in the Boston area, Channels 14-16
are used for two-way.  That is why some of the low UHF allocations
like 14 (Worcester), 17 (Portsmouth, NH) and 16 (Providence) will not
be used for television at this time.  
     WTEN-TV's repeater on Channel 19 is good old WCDC/19 in Adams, MA,
a full-powered located atop Mt. Greylock.  This station is like a good
old friend.  It came to the area in the fifties as WMGT-TV on Channel
74.  It was a locally programmed Independent with studios in Pittsfield.
It didn't last very long until it was sold to the WROW stations in
Albany.  Channel 19 was part of a three station "network" for the
Capital District namely ... WCDA/41 (now WTEN/10), WCDB/29 in Hagaman, NY
and WCDC/19 in Adams, MA.  29 has long since departed due to the lack of
need when WCDA went to VHF.  Only WCDC/19 still exists from that three
way UHF group.  Word has it that most cable systems that carry WTEN 
actually gets their signal via WCDC.  Channel 19's signal is by far the
better one in many areas of the Capital District.
     BTW, WBOC is a very friendly QSL'er.  I got one of the BIGGEST
QSL cards ever with a picture of the WBOC studios on the front (full
color !). Send in those reports !!!

73's, Pete

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